The Chandler Law Firm of Fresno handles Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Trucking Accidents and other Motor Vehicle Collisions Occuring in Fresno, The Central Valley and State of California

Chandler Law Has a Comprehensive Understanding of Car and Truck Accidents

Sometimes a car accident is much more than a car accident. When the injuries are serious and the crash is the result of negligence, the Chandler Law Firm looks at all factors that may have caused or contributed to the collision.

An in-depth and timely investigation into the personal injury or wrongful death case can make an enormous difference in compensation. Every moment that passes following your collision is important in the investigative process so if you think you have a case submit our case questionnaire immediately or call us at (559) 431-7770 today to discuss your incident.

TIP: Most vehicles today are made with “Black Boxes” and it could be vital to retain the information stored in the black box following the accident. In some cases, the black box can be the difference between a win or loss.


If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident you’ll immediately have to contend with medical expenses and income loss, but you also have to account for future expenses such as rehabilitation or lifetime care.

  • Burn injuries can require years of pain and surgery, and permanent life-altering scars.
  • Brain injuries are heartbreaking in the way they change the lives of injured people and their families.
  • Spinal and back injuries can require a lifetime of care.
  • Complex, multiple fractures can require surgery and rehabilitation.

The personal injury team at Chandler Law Firm looks at every opportunity for compensation that can cover those cost now and in the future. The We conduct a thorough and detailed investigation to determine the correct course of action:

In addition to the police reports and accident reconstruction that determine who caused the accident, our personal injury team looks at other factors:

  • Did the road contribute to the accident?
  • Was the signage visible and accurate?
  • Were construction zones appropriately marked?
  • Did a motor vehicle defect cause the accident?

When the Ford Explorer rolled over, memos showed that the company knew in advance that SUV rollovers would happen. An engineer wrote that the SUV needed to be lower and wider to prevent rollover accidents.

Jeep knew before it sold its cars that the middle seat in the back needed a three-point restraint.

There can be a variety of scenarios that may contribute to your accident other than the other driver and we look at all of those to assure full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Our Law Firm has Extensive Experience with Product Liability Cases

A product liability case may arise when dangerous products cause accidents or make accidents and injuries more serious. Chandler Law is very proficient at uncovering these scenarios. For example, when we see an auto collision, a truck accident or a motorcycle crash, one of the first questions we ask is, “How did the road or the vehicle act?” Was your vehicle or the other vehicle involved recalled for a reason that caused or contributed to your injuries? If so, this could trigger a product liability case.

Stuart Chandler is well recognized as one of the Top Lawyers in Northern California for his work involving car accidents as well as big rig accidents. Chandler Law has been handling car accidents in Fresno, the Central Valley and throughout the State of California for over 35 years and our experience shows.