Stuart Chandler of The Chandler Law Firm handles Premises Liability Cases in Fresno and throughout the Central Valley

Premises liability law is the body of law which makes the person who is in possession of land or premises responsible for certain injuries suffered by persons who are present on the premises.

Property owners are required to protect visitors and guests from injuries while on their property. This can occur in various forms…

  • Upkeep of the premises
  • providing sufficient security
  • Safety and lighting
  • Safety from animals or other people on their property

For premises liability to apply:

  1. The defendant must possess the land or ‚Äúpremises.”
  2. The injured person must be lawfully on the premises.

In California, premises liability law requires that property owners must ensure the safety of children, regardless of whether they are supposed to be there or not. Premises owners are typically charged with clearing public sidewalks in front of their premises, and to maintain their premises so as not to pose a danger to members of the public who are passing by on a public street or sidewalk.

Premises Liability Cases Come in Many Varieties

  • Slip and fall where substantial injury occurs. Slip and fall cases occur where the injured person has been invited or granted permission to be on the premises. The injured person must prove misconduct on the part of the property owner or occupier. The owner or occupier of the premises must have used reasonable care to maintain the premises in a safe condition and warn the invitee of any concealed dangers.
  • Swimming pool drownings. The owner of the premises must take measures to insure that the facility is reasonably safe.
  • Dog bites. Dog bites are strict liability in California, which means if you are the victim of a dog bite, the owner is responsible for your damages, injuries, etc.

A Wide Range of Hazardous Conditions That can Trigger Premises Liability Injuries

  • Open excavations
  • Uneven pavement
  • Standing water
  • Crumbling curbs
  • Wet floors
  • Uncleared snow
  • Icy walks
  • Falling objects
  • Inadequate security
  • insufficient lighting
  • Concealed holes
  • Improperly secured mats
  • And defects in chairs or benches

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