The Chandler Law Firm handles Products Liability matters in Fresno, the Central Valley and State of California

Chandler Law Protects the Public from Dangerous Products

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers are responsible for the safety of the products they sell to consumers. When products prove unsafe, or when they injure consumers, those responsible can be legally responsible for product liability. Whether a product is unsafe because of bad product design, defective materials, a manufacturing mistake, failure to provide accurate instructions or failure to provide adequate warnings, The Chandler Law Firm has the experience and ability to investigate, find the defects and litigate the product liability case.

Dangerous products can cause serious injury and wrongful death.

When a product is rushed to market, it may turn out that the manufacturer knew the product was dangerous. In many cases, a change that would cost a few cents or a few dollars, could have prevented significant injury or sometimes wrongful death.

When defective products injure people, The Chandler Law Firm in Fresno has built a reputation among the Central Valley Community and Statewide for holding manufacturers, distributors and retailers responsible.

The Chandler Law Firm of Fresno has gone to court on behalf of victims harmed by dangerous and defective products. Stuart Chandler and the Chandler Law Firm represent clients in Fresno, the Central Valley and throughout the State of California. If you have a products liability case you would like to discuss with The Chandler Law Firm, call us today at (559) 431-7770 or fill out our online questionnaire for a quick response to your case inquiry.