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Care beyond the courtroom is truly the heart of Chandler Law. We believe in providing care that extends far beyond the facts of your case and the walls of a courtroom. Our team possesses genuine compassion and concern for each individual who steps through our doors.

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Also Serving Madera, Kern & Tulare Counties in the Central Valley

Sometimes a car accident is much more than what it seems. Sometimes a trucking accident can cause devastating and even deadly consequences. The same holds for medical errors, negligence, and nursing home neglect or abuse. When injuries become serious and are the result of carelessness, recklessness, error, or abuse, Chandler Law will look at all the factors that may have caused or contributed to them. 

An in-depth and timely investigation into your personal injury or wrongful death case can make an enormous difference in the compensation you secure as a result of your claim. Every moment that passes following the collision or incident becomes important to the investigative process. If you believe you may have a case, it is therefore vital that you contact us immediately to discuss it. Our Fresno personal injury team will act promptly to ensure that your best interests are protected. 

Reach out to Chandler Law at (559) 825-2318 to book a confidential consultation with a Fresno attorney regarding your personal injury or wrongful death case today. Hablamos español. 

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  • Medical Malpractice Jury Verdict: $5,000,000
  • Judgement Award: $10,000,000
  • Class Action Settlements: $38,320,000

Practice Areas

Chandler Law handles the following:

  • Motor vehicle accidents. These are the most common types of personal injury claims in which you will generally be dealing with insurance companies.
  • Trucking accidents. These include accidents involving all commercial trucks, such as big rigs, 18-wheelers, tankers, dump trucks, garbage trucks, and more. They involve federal trucking regulations, trucking companies, independent drivers, and other third parties and are even more complex than auto accidents.
  • Wrongful death. These claims can stem from traffic accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, as well as criminal attacks based on negligence. 
  • Catastrophic personal injury. These claims involve life-changing and often life-threatening injuries that may require a lifetime of care, years of pain and surgery, disfigurement, and more.
  • Nursing home elder abuse. Claims of this type are based on physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse or exploitation in which elderly residents have suffered harm.
  • Insurance bad faith and litigation. If your insurer has acted in bad faith against your property or other claims, you have legal rights in seeking justice.
  • Class action lawsuits. These involve cases where so many people have claims against a defendant that they form a “class” in which all of their interests are represented. 
  • Product liability cases. These involve claims against manufacturers and others in the supply chain whose dangerous or defective products lead to accidents or make injuries more serious when consumers are involved in an accident. 
  • “Stuart walked me through exactly what would happen step by step with my case and also prepared me for trial so that I felt comfortable with the process. He kept me well informed of what was involved in my case, and what my choices were.” - Phyllis P.
  • “His office is professional and Mr Chandler is an excellent litigator.” - Karen G.
  • “I still drop by from time to time just to say hi, & there’s always an open door, chocolate, and care. Thank you Chandler Law! I’m so grateful for your team.” - Brandyce E.

Serious Injuries Demand Substantial Compensation

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident, you’ll immediately have to contend with medical expenses and income loss, but you also have to account for future expenses such as rehabilitation or lifetime care.

For example: 

  • Burn injuries can result in years of pain, surgeries, and permanent life-altering scars.
  • Brain injuries can have long-term physical, mental, and emotional consequences for the injured and their families.
  • Spinal and back injuries can require a lifetime of care, including physical therapy and rehabilitation, and may result in paralysis.
  • Complex, multiple fractures can require surgery and rehabilitation.

Our team will look at every opportunity for compensation that covers your current and future costs. We conduct a thorough and detailed investigation to determine the correct course of action. 

Read What Former Clients Say About Their Experiences with Chandler law

The team at Chandler Law takes pride in the reviews and testimonials our work has received. We are confident that you can experience similar satisfaction with the effort, attention, and dedication we put into helping you secure the compensation that fully reflects the extent of your injuries and losses, including for continuing needs well into the future. 

  • Real Courtroom Success Attorney Stuart Chandler has extensive experience as a trial lawyer, which has honed his courtroom presence and given him a sharp eye for details missed by others.
  • Decades Of Proven Results For over 35 years, Chandler Law Firm has helped hundreds through principled hard work, compassion, and perseverance.
  • Small-Town Focus, Big-City Results With all the attentiveness and compassion of a local personal injury law firm, Stuart Chandler has repeatedly set record-breaking results in the courtroom, giving big city lawyers a run for their money.


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